Apply for a Teacher Training Fellowship in South Africa | 2018



Teach With Africa seeks to recruit highly qualified and motivated teachers and educators to participate in our Global Teachers Institute Fellowship program in South Africa from July 6th to August 3rd, 2018 (provisional dates).  We typically recruit certified high school and upper middle school teachers with four years or more of classroom experience teaching high school math, science, English or computer science, though from time to time take outstanding teachers in other subjects.

The program aims to facilitate an authentic platform for fellows and their South African hosts to learn from one another, improve their instructional practices, and shift the international engagement paradigm from one of giving and taking to co-creation and sharing. In addition to professional experience and expertise, we seek to recruit fellows who are excited by the potential of the program to be a truly transformative experience, personally and professionally.

What the program covers :

  • Internal transport in South Africa (excluding private travel on the weekends and public holidays)
  • Accommodation and meals at the 3-day orientation workshop at the GTI Head Office
  • Accommodation and meals at GTI’s annual 5-day education summit
  • Placement at a host school for approximately 3 weeks (meals and accommodation are at your own expense during this period)

What costs do I (or my local sponsor) need to need cover?

  • Airfare to and from South Africa
  • Visa and travel insurance
  • Meal and accommodation costs while at the host school.  Accommodation typically runs at around $40-50 per day, and food costs around $10-15 per day.
  • Any weekend or public holiday excursions

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With the number of applicants exceeding what we can take into the program, interviews and written tasks will be given throughout the application process.  We are looking for candidates who:

  • Demonstrate a willingness to participate and lead professional development opportunities
  • Are committed to student-centered learning and social transformation
  • Are comfortable in new environments and having challenging and difficult conversations
  • Display expertise in one or more of GTI’s focus areas:
    • Instructional leadership
    • Leadership development
    • Project Based Learning
    • Design Thinking
    • Organisation Development
    • Social Justice
    • Social Emotional Learning

Applications are due by February 16th, 2018.

Please download the TWA 2017 application ( PDF | DOCXform with specific details on how to apply.

Please have the following documentation ready in electronic form to upload with your application:

  • A scanned copy of your passport
  • A high-resolution professional picture or headshot
  • A brief resume (2 pages maximum)
  • Any necessary medical information as mentioned in your online application process

See our 2017 Global Teacher’s Institute, South Africa Faculty-in-Residence Team here >