2013 GTI Program Highlights


Global Teachers Institute Summit
In July 2013, the first Global Teachers Institute Summit led by a team of US master teachers was held in Cape Town, drawing 35 student teachers from LEAP’s campuses across South Africa. Hosted by LEAP and TWA, the week-long professional development Summit brought together all of LEAP’s student teacher “Future Leaders” from the six LEAP schools in South Africa.

One of the main goals of the teacher training Summit is to provide interactive professional development workshops for the student teachers to help them develop skills and tools that they can add to their teaching “toolbox.” The TWA team of Faculty-in-Residence teachers led hands-on workshops on Project Based Learning, Understanding by Design, Design Thinking, Lesson Planning, and the Harkness Method of discussion-based teaching.  The Summit was an opportunity for Future Leaders to shape their program priorities and engage with the TWA team and peers to celebrate and create unity while learning new teaching strategies.

Currently, there are more than 33 student teachers enrolled in the program. All of the student teachers are enrolled in a Bachelor’s of Education program at the University of South Africa in a degree program that is completely online, and the Global Teacher Institute is an opportunity for the student teachers to supplement their studies with high-quality professional development training.

EdTech Educators Team
In August 2013, the first EdTech cohort of educators will be in South Africa sharing professional development opportunities with faculty and student teachers specifically around engaging technology for teachers in order to improve student learning

The EdTech educators and technology personnel from the US will form a teaching team focused on sharing thoughtful EdTech ideas and solutions for the classroom in a multi-track workshop conference format. The three-day Summit will be held on LEAP School campuses during two consecutive weeks in two locations: Cape Town and Johannesburg. Participating South African education professionals will include LEAP teachers, LEAP Future Leaders studying to be teachers, and tech support personnel, Learning Centre tutors and coalition schools teacher representatives.

For more information on applying for the TWA Fellowship or Faculty-in-Residence programs click here.

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