2014 Fellows of the TWA ECD Program


Early Childhood Development Faculty-in-Residence
“Growing Our Teachers”

A partnership of Teach With Africa, Pacific Oaks College, Singita Game Reserves, and READ

Jayanti Tanbe

Jayanti Tambe


“I am committed to working with children from diverse backgrounds. I am fascinated by how children learn language. I believe that the more children feel their first language and culture is recognized and honored, the more they will take risks in learning a new one. It’s 
amazing how quickly children can learn!”

Jayanti Tambe is an Assistant Professor and Director of CORE (Institute for Community Research & education) with Pacific Oaks College’s School of Education, where she specializes in Early Childhood Education. Prior to joining the PO faculty, Jayanti served as the Interim Executive Director for Pacific Oaks Children’s School (POCS) where she provided educational leadership, oversaw the day to day operations, and managed all of the children’s programs based on the principles of constructivism and experiential based education.

Prior to this, Jayanti was a Master Teacher with POCS since the fall of 2011. Throughout this time she continued her work in the college classrooms of Santa Monica College, De Anza College and Pacific Oaks College. She also served as the director of the Rainbow School and Pepper Tree School at Stanford University. She has taught courses on Child, Family, Community, Music & Movement, Supporting Dual Language Learners in a Multilingual Classroom, Health & Safety, Administration in Early Childhood Education, Business and Fiscal Management, HR Administration in Educational Leadership, among others.

Jayanti is experienced in both public and private classroom settings, both nationally and internationally with demonstrated abilities to adapt teaching methods and materials to students’ individual learning styles and cultural differences. She can speak several languages and considers this to be an asset while working with diverse families. Through her appointment by several national associations, institutes and universities, she has been widely accredited for her innovation in teaching practices.


Todd Hioki

Todd Hioki

“I am fascinated by the way pieces must fit together to support growth. How do we design relationships between families, teachers, administrators, various agencies, and public policy to create a nurturing ecology? How do we create this unity while honoring diversity? I think the trick is to find joy working within constraints, to channel tension between competing interests into creative solutions. It’s an attitude, a spirit – children can teach adults a lot about this.”

Todd Hioki has taught at Pacific Oaks Children’s School for the past fourteen years and works with children aged 6 months to 5 years. There, he designs and implements progressive play based curriculum, incorporating the principals of emergent, experiential, and anti-bias curriculums. He is an adjunct professor at Pacific Oaks College and Santa Monica College where he specializes in early childhood education.

He has a Master’s degree in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College with a specialization in social change. Todd has presented at various conferences on the topic of Dual-language learning in early childhood education. His current areas of interest are the application of systems thinking and design thinking to early childhood education management practice. He is also developing the use of videography to teach progressive educational concepts and methods.

Todd has a background in furniture design and manufacturing, and, as a hobby, now applies these skills to create children’s play equipment. He is an enthusiastic advocate for the power of play in human development.