About Us





Teach With Africa is a non-profit organization empowering students and teachers in a reciprocal exchange of teaching and learning in Africa and the United States. Teach With Africa seeks to reduce the embedded inequities in our societies by working to provide access to quality education in order to transform children’s lives, schools, and communities.

Teach With Africa provides high-quality professional development for teachers and teachers-in-training, focusing on instructional programs and educational leadership initiatives through programs in South Africa and the U.S..  Since 2008, we have engaged more than 4,000 teachers and served more than 150,000 children, increasing our scope of service year after year.


Educator Exchange Program

We believe providing educators with opportunities to share, learn and teach together across contexts and continents is the bedrock for seeding teaching excellence. Since 2007, Teach With Africa (TWA) has been exchanging educators between South Africa and the U.S.  South African educators and aspiring educators spend a month in the U.S., observing teaching practice in the classroom, leading lessons, completing an inquiry-based project on teaching instruction, and sharing their knowledge and perspectives on South Africa. American teachers spend up to 6 weeks in South Africa as Faculty-in-Residence, engaging with and mentoring teachers in the classroom as well as offering workshops and training on cutting-edge teaching methodologies.

The Global Teachers Institute

In 2012, in partnership with our core South African partner, the LEAP Science and Maths Schools, TWA launched the Global Teachers Institute (GTI). The GTI aims to strengthen teacher capacity in South Africa and across the world by transforming the way we train teachers. The GTI works with student teachers, current faculty, school leaders and education organizations globally to refocus teacher training and professional development on ideas of personal growth and social change.

The Institute believes that to solve educational inequality, teachers must not only acquire skills but also confront their deep-seated beliefs about learning, culture, and authority and consider the moral and political questions that are enmeshed within education. GTI programs integrate existing skills-based training with material specifically emphasizing personal growth. This creates a community of practitioners who focus not only on instructional practice but also on personal transformation, setting a deeper meaning for their work.

The Institute provides formalized training on instructional best practices and educational/school leadership for aspiring, new and leadership-track educators. All professional development and instructional training is structured around personal transformation and social change, allowing us to both deepen and scale our impact, influence a greater number of educators, and create an efficient cycle of training and professional development.