2013 LEAP Faculty-in-Residence Team


LEAP Science and Maths Schools (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Limpopo)


Jamie Brandt
The Governor’s Academy 

Jamie B

“As an educator I am a very strong believer in trying to get my students to experience the material we cover rather than just talk about it. Any opportunity I have to get kids out of their comfort zone by fully immersing them in something new, I jump at. By forcing kids to truly experience things through immersion I feel they have a much more real opportunity to learn about themselves and the amazing things all around us. Along with strongly believing in immersion learning, I also think it is very important for educators to put themselves in their students’ shoes from time to time to remember what it feels like to not understand things and the discomfort that often comes with this.” 

After graduation from University of New Hampshire with a BS in environmental science and an MS in environmental engineering, Jamie has dedicated himself to helping and educating people. After working for the Branson School in California for nine years, Jamie moved home to New England and now teaches at The Governor’s Academy in Byfield, Massachusetts. At Governor’s, Jamie teaches physics and environmental science. He brings a love of teaching science and working with young people to the Teach with Africa team. Jamie was a Teach With Africa Fellow in Cape Town in 2010.

Nayo Brooks-Santos
Katherine Delmar Burke School



“It is the spark in a student’s eye, the ‘aha’ moment when connections are made, or a concept is finally understood that continues to inspire me each day. I have moved from being the “sage on the stage” to the “guide on the side”, facilitating my student’s learning. My students are able to think for themselves, ask and answer critical thinking questions, produce knowledge, rather than reproduce knowledge and gather and synthesize research in ways that make it easier for them to understand and process.”

Nayo Brooks-Santos is a National Board Certified teacher with 14 years of teaching experience. She is currently a 4th grade Humanities teacher at Katherine Delmar Burke School in San Francisco. Nayo is also Co-Chair of the school’s Curriculum Council, a Co-Literacy Coordinator and on the Evaluation and Professional Growth Cycle task force, looking at the process of teacher evaluation. With both a Multiple-Subject Clear CLAD Teaching Credential and a Masters in Educational Technology, Nayo engages her students in project-based learning and hands-on activities that are not only integrated across disciplines, but focus on multiple perspectives and developing critical thinking skills. Nayo has a deep interest in technology integration, curriculum development and mapping, and prides herself in being a lifelong learner.

Kay Flewelling
High Tech High 


“Since beginning my career as an educator, I have become passionate about helping to address the social and emotional needs of my students. Working with my teaching partner, we have together developed trainings and activities to help our students build awareness of their unique personalities, their weaknesses and strengths, their style of working with people who have different backgrounds and perspectives. I strongly believe that education must focus on helping students develop as passionate people, and that our teaching can help cultivate environments for our students to grow mentally, emotionally, and academically.”

Kay has taught Humanities at High Tech High Chula Vista for the past six years.  She has focused her work at High Tech High on creating humanities curriculum that emphasizes holistic student development and the integration of art and/or multimedia into lessons and projects.  She received her Master of Education in Teacher Leadership from High Tech High Graduate School of Education in May 2011.  She holds a Bachelors of Arts in History & Political Science from San Diego State University, California.  Kay traveled to Guatemala to participate in an immersion Spanish program and was able to do volunteer work teaching in an afterschool program as part of her trip. This is Kay’s second trip to South Africa with Teach With Africa (2011 Fellowship team). She loved the opportunity to craft international relationships with teachers and students from LEAP, and she looks forward to returning to South Africa to continue learning and sharing with the teachers and students at LEAP.


Don Mackay
High Tech High International



“I often feel that life continually prepares me for each next step. After 25 years in science, I’m excited to finally be ready to help a new generation embrace the power of the scientific method. As an engineering teacher, I was impressed by William Kamkwamba’s inspiring story and how his desperate quest for understanding changed his Melawi village. I have a lot to learn from the challenges faced by teachers and students in Africa and hope that in the short time we work together, we can help inspire many Williams to pursue their dreams.”

Don Mackay (known to his students as “Dr. Don”) has been teaching science and math at High Tech High International for 4 years. Before teaching high school, he used his chemistry expertise to design computer simulation programs used by pharmaceutical companies to design new drugs.  He also authored many science education computer programs that used simulations to understand how molecules interact at the atomic level. He holds a Ph. D. in Chemical Physics from the University of California, San Diego and his passion is to understand deeply how the world works. He encourages his students to ask both big and small questions. He knows that the best scientists are not the ones who know all the answers, but the ones who ask the most interesting questions.