2017 Fellowship Team


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Global Teachers Institute, South Africa

Stephanie Hayden

A seasoned and reflective science educator, Dr. Stephanie Hayden is a staunch supporter of mentoring and paying it forward. Over the past fourteen years, Dr. Hayden has taught for Broward, Palm Beach and Westchester County Public Schools serving as a dedicated educator in learning management for disadvantaged youth. Dr. Hayden’s tenure as a secondary science educator has been marked by a number of significant accomplishments. During her career she has helped to reenergize the love of science to many young people in urban communities, making it her mission to enhance their view on the future.

She has been awarded the Gizmo-Online Facilitator Leadership for Palm Beach County and currently serves as a Grant Reviewer for the United States Department of Education. Dr. Hayden holds a Bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry from Howard University, a Master’s degree in educational technology from American Intercontinental University, and a Doctorate degree in teaching and learning from Walden University. When Dr. Hayden is not in the classroom, you can find her mentoring students aspiring to become research medical scientists from institutes such as Howard University Medical School.

Kimberly Harper

Kimberly C. Harper has a passion for public service and strives to apply New Public Management strategies in her role as an instructional coach and district training facilitator for the City of Pontiac School District (PSD).  Kimberly Harper collaborates with intermediate school district coordinators, central office and building administrators to analyze policies and implement programs to improve school culture, increase student achievement and design professional development opportunities for administrators and faculty.

Ms. Harper has over fifteen years of experience in classroom teaching and ten years of experience as a project manager. She earned her Bachelors of Art in History from Oakland University (Rochester, MI), a Masters in Secondary Education English from Wayne State University (Detroit, MI) and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Phoenix (Tempe, AZ).

Clifford Sykes

After matriculating through Lincoln University of Missouri and receiving the  Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education,  I received a Teaching Fellowship to pursue The Master of Music Education degree at the University of Wisconsin (Madison).  While at The Univ. of Wisconsin I was honored to be selected to assist world renowned Jazz Pianist & composer Cecil Taylor, who invited me to accompany him as  a member of the Artist In Residence at Antioch College (Ohio). After a year at Antioch College I was hired to teach instrumental Music in the Detroit Public Schools.

I Taught for several years in Detroit before receiving another Teaching Fellowship to  work on The Phd. in Ethnomusicology at the Univ. of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania).  Having completed the preliminary requirements, I had to return to Michigan in order to maintain my position & tenure. I retired from the Pontiac Michigan School District in 2014. I have recently been rehired at Henry Ford High School in Detroit.

Love Weinstock

I was raised by a family of educators in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a wife, a mother, an educator, and lover of humanity. My multiracial heritage allows me to see and to appreciate multiple perspectives. 

I am a skilled team-builder, and successfully select, guide, and support faculty and staff. I carefully assess group dynamics, using inquiry and observation to help the team to reach the highest goals of performance and program improvement. My background in teaching allows me to support teacher growth and effectiveness. My approach to decision-making is collaborative, and I have the personal and professional dexterity to effectively navigate charged situations. I am adept at identifying and resolving highly complex challenges and using data to make evidence-based decisions. I have a powerful work ethic, abundant energy, drive, and steadfastness — all balanced by a commitment to integrity, inclusivity, collaboration, compassion, and a sense of humor.

As a lifelong educator, I am a life-long learner. I partner with faculty, children, families, and the local community to work toward excellence and a shared vision and to meet common goals. I am compassionate and treat people with dignity and respect, and believe that each member of the learning community is unique, needs a caring and stimulating atmosphere in which to develop emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. Being a member of a learning community provides me opportunity for continual personal and professional improvement, and I hope to model my love of learning and to share my passion for teaching and learning with others. 

Arpan Chokshi

Arpan is a high school social studies educator, instructional coach, and teacher for English-as-a-Second-Language students. He is responsible for working with individual teachers to innovate their instructional practice and for planning and leading instructional technology professional development for the social studies department at Hinsdale Central High School, as well as for new and veteran teachers in his high school district, which is located in Illinois, United States. Arpan strives to use project-based learning and differentiated literacy strategies to engage all learners.

Amanda Burton

Amanda is a high school test accommodations coordinator and special education teacher in the mathematics department at Hinsdale South High School in the United States. She is responsible for ensuring students of all ability levels have access to the general education curriculum.  Amanda is passionate about developing awareness on the impact mental health, trauma, and poverty have on a developing learner. 

Linda Korbus

Linda is an educator from Darien, Illinois, United States of America.  Drawing on more than thirty years of experience, she shares her passion of mathematics with students at Hinsdale South High School.  Daily she is challenged to engage a broad spectrum of students: from those with very basic abilities to those who are gifted.  She has presented both at the state and national levels, and she considers the work she does daily in the classroom her greatest accomplishment.

Dawn Oler

Dawn is a National Board Certified Teacher, the highest level of recognition a teacher can earn in the United States. She currently serves as the Department Chair of Family and Consumer Sciences at Hinsdale Central High School, Illinois, United States.  She guides courses in culinary arts, independent living, and has a special emphasis on teacher preparation and reflection.  Ms. Oler’s teaching philosophy centers on creating a climate of invested students through connections with and between her students.  

Pam Bylsma

Pam has dedicated her thirty-two years in secondary school education in the United States to guiding the professional development educators with research-based practices that enhance teaching and learning in the academic and social-emotional domains in an effort to provide a comprehensive, rigorous, engaging curriculum, delivered in a nurturing environment designed to maximize each student’s potential to develop the skills, knowledge, and interests required for a productive and satisfying post-secondary experience and life. She is passionate about empowering members at all levels of the organization to affect positive change by providing them with the opportunities, support, and motivational tools of shared inquiry, data analysis, goal setting, and collaboration that are necessary to guide continual improvement initiatives. Partnering with students, she created award-winning conflict resolution and ethical thinking skills curricula that students teach to their peers, and she instituted mentoring programs for academically at-risk students, anti-bullying programs, and social-emotional skill development interventions. In 2011, the comprehensive character education efforts under Pam’s leadership were highlighted in Samuel Casey Carter’s book On Purpose: How Great School Cultures Form Strong Character. Pam has served in the roles of teacher, Dean of Students, Assistant Principal, Principal, Assistant Superintendent for Academics, Illinois Administrator Academy Trainer, national Character Counts! Consultant, and is a frequent presenter at state and national conferences on social-emotional learning, character development, and ethical leadership.