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We pay tribute to Teach with Africa

John Gilmour offers thanks and tribute to the 2009 Teach with Africa Fellows, who brought an opportunity for LEAP to reach out to the neighbouring schools and to invite teachers and leaders into workshops, and for getting involved in a part of the world where this is so much needed and where despair battles with hope in every context.


John Gilmoure Greets Teach with Africa Fellows

We have many challenges and needs; we have much strength and real humanity. The success of our journey together will be measured more by the warmth and honesty of our conscious engagement.


Leap Schools US tour

The LEAP students are preparing for a tour of the United States.


Expansion and innovation in South African education

LEAP schools are growing and expanding, as well as participating in the national dialog about the future of education in South Africa.

Summary of the Summer Fellows' work

Summary of the Summer Fellows' work

As the team is returning to the United States, John Gilmour, headmaster and founder of LEAP Science and Maths Schools, points to specific accomplishments and contributions from the Teach with Africa 2008 Summer Fellows.