"Dumela…Age…Okae…Ke teng"

Students at LEAP 3

Students at LEAP 3

I sat in on a Sesotho Grade 10 language class at LEAP 3…the students were great tutors, instructing me in the (very) basics: hello, hi, how are you, I’m fine. “Dumela” they would say…”Age (Ah-gay)” I would reply. They made me do this little “greeting” routine…”dumela…age…okae…ke teng” with each of them, collapsing into giggles when I forgot the next line or when my pronunciation destroyed any meaning whatsoever. Finally I realized that they were running outside the class to bring in more students to “quiz” me, which explained why the line by my desk was getting longer and longer. They had just had their final the day before — I decided making a fool of myself in front of the entire Grade 10 class was the least I could do to let them blow off some steam. And did I mention that I loved every minute of it?

by Amy Schoew, Exec Dir Teach with Africa

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