Monday 5/17/10 – I was frustrated, not sure about my goal to bring a student from Africa here to attend college.  Wondering if it will work and if I am doing the right thing.  How can I ensure the selected student will graduate?  How can I be sure the student will return to Africa?  How can I be certain that the student will be a good steward of Mandy’s legacy, memory, and philosophy?  I decided to send a prayer request into .  I asked that they pray for God to let me know if I was following the right path, and if I was following the correct path for me to have the strength and patience to keep plugging along.

Tuesday 5/18/10 – Feeling better after I let go of the worry.  I had a busy day at work.  Got an odd invitation to an event on Face Book and since I was busy I almost deleted it but then I decided save it and to open it later.

Wednesday 5/19 – I opened up the Face Book event and I noticed that the event is in California, I wonder why I was invited.  Then I notice what it is for, a benefit for the Teach with Africa project.  I view their website, it appears to be an amazing organization, and I am moved by how their thoughts and their mission is what Mandy would have wanted.  I was so glad that I had not discarded the e-mail!  Then I decided to send an e-mail asking them if I could put a link to their website on the links page of www.TheKindnessRevolution.ME .

Thursday 5/20 – I got an e-mail from Margie the founder of the Teach with Africa project – she said I could certainly add the link but BETTER STILL she said they would like to help coordinate sending someone to Africa in Mandy’s name!

Well that was the beginning of my week – and to say the least my head was spinning, my heart was full and my eyes were constantly brimming with happy/thankful tears.

I am so pleased that we have teamed up with Teach with Africa.  The “coincidences” we discovered when I spoke on the phone with Margie made me have goose bumps:

  1. We had just finished a walk at Erskine Academy raising 6,800.00 to be donated in Mandy’s name to the Maine Medical Center’s cancer support fund.  Then to find out that Margie is a cancer survivor!  Mandy would have been so pleased.
  2. That I had so recently asked God to help and I can’t help but be certain that there was divine intervention at work here.
  3. Finding out that the Executive Director (the only paid staff) is a minister’s daughter, just like ME!
  4. That Katie Burke was selected as the 2010 Mandy representative.  When I read her bio I was certain we were doing the right thing and her smile is just as big as Mandy’s always was.

I started the Kindness Revolution to honor my daughter Mandy who was killed in a car accident in November of 2008.  Mandy always said, “I am going to be famous some day Mom” little did I know it would be up to me to ensure that this happened after she was gone.

Amanda (Mandy) Edwards was an amazing young woman that could light up a room with her smile and had a very kind heart. She was the kind of girl that always went out of her way to include others and make people feel welcome.

Now that she is gone, I focus on being thankful for the GIFT God gave me of allowing me to have Mandy in my life for 17 years, instead of the fact that she is no longer here.  I am focused on making her Dreams of a kinder and more educated world a reality as a way to both honor her memory and keep myself feeling close to her.

She left behind specific instructions that I am compelled to follow:

Celebrate MY life, (it is okay to mourn the loss)

Celebrate YOUR life, (and take me with you)

Remember what I wanted…

Please do for me now, what I cannot.

Hold each other up;

Lift someone you don’t even know.

Aspire to greatness,

Dream BIG, and

Achieve many goals…

Teach Many, and

Smile HUGE in My honor.

Amanda (Mandy) Edwards

I am sure she is smiling down as I use her spirit, dreams, and her words to inspire others to become the best people they can be!

You can read more about Katie and the Teach with Africa Project at

You can read more about Mandy at www.TheKindnessRevolution.ME


You can get great items that remind those around you about kindness & support the cause at

Oh My Mandy:

I miss that Smile,

Your Beautiful Eyes, and

Your HUGS!

I LOVE you and promise to FOREVER try to make your dreams of a Kinder more educated world a reality!

I must also say that I am Thankful for:

My Wonderful Daughter Amber who was a great big sister

For My Amazing Husband Parrish the rock I have leaned on throughout this time


For ALL our wonderful friends, near and far that have prayed for us, encouraged me, supported this effort and SMILED when I needed it!

And I Thank YOU – for taking the time to read this

Supporting us in ANY of these ways are all equally Needed, Accepted, and Appreciated

Pray for our ongoing success

Spread the word of our mission to others or

Make a donation

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