EdTech Summit South Africa 2014 reached 19,300 students by providing 91 hands-on workshops to 772 South African principals, teachers and education professionals across five provinces




EdTech Summit South Africa 2015 is scheduled for August…as part of a four-partner collaboration,Teach With Africa, K2 Productions Global, LEAP Science and Maths Schools and Edunova organized, produced and delivered six one-day professional development events as part of the second annual EdTech Summit South Africa. In 2014 the six individual events were held across five provinces.

Between 2 and 13 August 2014, as part of a four-partner collaboration, Teach With Africa, K2 Productions Global, LEAP Science and Maths Schools and Edunova organized, produced and delivered six one-day professional development events as part of the second annual EdTech Summit South Africa. The six individual events were held across five provinces.

EdTech Summit South Africa aims to deliver high quality professional development to teachers serving in under-served and under-resourced South African schools, enabling teachers and education practitioners, who would otherwise not have access to this kind of professional development, to develop and grow their own education technology skills and competencies in order to impact more engaged learners and improved educational outcomes. The Summit also puts technology into the hands of teachers through exciting giveaways of donated technology and seeks to connect global classrooms by integrating an international presentation team with local presenters and audiences.

Educators from many schools receive a full day of integrated information and communication technology (ICT) education professional development. A well-balanced mix of international and local presenters make up the team that delivers 14-18 hands-on workshops, as well as an engaging keynote presentation. Content is leveled at various IT competencies, and is inclusive of the various levels of skill among attendees. Workshops cover a wide range of topics, representative of relevant content and pedagogy currently perceived as best practice including: gamification in math education, open source courseware, using cloud-based technology in schools, social justice and online media, mobile devices to promote engaged learning, a physical science focus, the academic use of social media, project based teaching and learning and the hands-on approach to teaching STEM, using and creating multimedia, online assessment, global networking to overcome challenge and 3D animation to support learning.

Local presenters join the international team in each Summit location delivering very engaging sessions. The participants arrive eager and determined to learn and share; immersing themselves into each and every workshop session with a deep sense of collaboration and practical implementation. As the day progresses, excitement levels around the use of technology and innovative teaching strategies in local classrooms grow. The fun and learning-filled day ends on high note with technology giveaways going into the hands of teachers, ready to take back the growth and learning into their schools.



Summit Attendees registered Attendees present Number of workshops International presenters Local presenters
Johannesburg 93 105 18 7 11
Jane Furse 116 110 14 8 7
Ladysmith (1) 20 37 10 7 3
Ladysmith (2) 18 18 4 3 1
Durban 153 149 11 7 3
Cape Town 151 164 18 8 10
East London 197 189 16 4 6
TOTAL 748 772 91 10 30

EdTech Summit South Africa activities in 2014 reached an estimated 19,300 students!

EdTech Summit South Africa 2014 saw an international and South African presentation team of 40 expert education technology professionals deliver 91 hands-on workshops to 772 South African principals, teachers and education professionals across five provinces. This professional development intervention has directly impacted every single participant who attended sessions where technology was put into their hands as part of the teaching and learning experience. More than 100 pieces of technology were given away to participants including laptops, tablets, projectors and educational content enabling teachers to leave with a new skill set as well as the tools needed to turn the intervention into longer term, sustainable implementation in their classrooms. An estimated 19,300 South African students were impacted by this program.

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