Highlights from the 6th Annual Gala


Did you miss the 6th Annual Gala? Well some of the highlights of the night include: Sipho Mpongo’s photography slideshow, speeches from James Malope, Asanda Sigigaba and Susan Deemer.  Read all about them below.

Sipho Mpongo’s Photography Slideshow


Sipho Mpongo is an ambitious young photographer from the township of Langa who graduated from LEAP in 2012 and is now studying on full-tuition scholarship at the prestigious Cape Town School of Photography. We are honored to present some of Sipho’s breathtaking photography in tonight’s video presentation. The international photography community is beginning to take notice of Sipho’s talent – he has been invited to show his work twice in prestigious Cape Town exhibitions alongside professional photographers, even though he is not yet 20 years old.

Sipho’s goal in photographing Langa is to show “the richness of music, of talent – I want to capture every moment. I want to tell the world the story of Langa at street level.”  We are grateful to Sipho for sharing his art and passion with our guests in order to bring a glimpse of life in Langa and other townships where LEAP and TWA serve.

Sipho has been mentored in digital media arts by TWA Faculty-in-Residence and Board Member, Karen Page over the past four years. You can view more of his work at http://www.siphompongo.blogspot.com.

If you are interested in purchasing high-quality collector-quality prints of Sipho’s work, please contact karenkpage@gmail.com. All proceeds will go directly to Sipho in support of his photography studies.

James Malope, Faculty at LEAP 4

Teach With Africa 6th Annual Gala Benefit

James is currently teaching grade 9s and 10s English and Life Orientation. After completing matric at the LEAP School in 2007 and studying at the University of the Western Cape, he decided to join the LEAP team after realizing that SA schools are lacking teachers who had commitment and passion for this important profession. Working as part of the LEAP school has helped him realize the realities that our societies face. James is proud to be part of the people who are pushing for change in the world.

Asanda Sigigaba, Faculty at LEAP 5

Teach With Africa 6th Annual Gala Benefit

Asanda began studying at LEAP Science and Maths School in Cape Town in 2004 with the first class of students, graduating in 2007.  Her passion as a teacher is to work with students so they can make sense of their lives, discover who they are together with other learners, and realize that there’s more to their situations, community and province — that they can dream too. After graduating from the University of South Africa (UNISA) she started teaching at LEAP 5 in Limpopo last year. She teaches English and General Studies to grade 9s and Life Orientation to grade 9s and 10s.

Susan Deemer, TWA Faculty-in-Residence

Teach With Africa 6th Annual Gala Benefit

Susan is a Nationally Certified master teacher with more than 18 years of classroom teaching experience. At an early age, Susan was inspired by her own teachers and decided to “pay it forward” – she continues to be sustained by throwing herself into her work and putting children first. Since 1999 she has worked at Katherine Delmar Burke School in San Francisco as a 7th and 8th grade science teacher. Throughout that time she has had numerous roles, including Science department facilitator, Co-Chair of the Curriculum Council, and Softball Coach. Susan was a Faculty-in-Residence teacher trainer at LEAP in Cape Town, South Africa and speaks tonight about this outward journey that resulted in an inward one as well.

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