Notes from the Field: Man on a Mission


Deb Snyder, 2010 Teach with Africa fellow, has a BS in Global Strategic Management and an MBA from Dominican University of California.

Andisani Tsengiwe is a man with a mission.

Having graduated from the LEAP School two years ago, he is now attending the University of Cape Town and working at LEAP as a student teacher.

He also is a promising upcoming leader in his community of Langa.  Here he is, standing on the soccer field, watching his team play.  Look at that intensity.

Andisani’s story is a compelling one.  He lives in Langa, one of the townships that I choose not to photograph. I felt that photos just couldn’t do it justice.  But what Andisani has decided to do is start a blog.

Working with Katie, one of the 2010 Teach With Africa Fellows, he felt empowered enough with his writing to start this blog.

I really commend this young man.  His Peace Lovers Football Club is coming together.  He now has a blog and photos to post on it.  He has a mission and a vision.  In other words, he is an NPO in the making.

Take a look, see what this young community leader is doing. I think you will find him as interesting as I do.

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