Notes from the Field: Home Away from Home


John Santos, 2010 Teach with Africa fellow, teaches Biology at High Tech High International in San Diego, CA.

Let me mention the incredible experience that was/is my home-stay.

I was placed with Mapulang [the principal at the LEAP School in Johannesburg]. In the beginning, I was hesitant to leave the flat that we’ve called home for almost a month.

I’d grown comfortable here and found it incredibly convenient to live in my work place. And so, the idea of a home-stay was challenging.

In the end though, I’ve grown so close to Mapulang and her sons (we consider one another brothers) that we’ve elected to occasionally continue our home-stay. I’ll even be staying there tonight after watching my host brother’s soccer match.

Yes, I had to wake up earlier.

Yes, I had less access to my own comforts.

But, I was given access to family…a mother and two brothers who treated me like family.

That is something I had missed.

Thanks for your continued involvement and support. All the best!

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