Global Teachers Institute

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Global Teachers Institute Mission

The Institute focuses on providing high-quality professional development opportunities for student teachers and school faculty through workshops and training intensives. The Institute’s programs include multiple educator exchanges between US and South African schools.

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Program Highlights

  1. South Africa Faculty-in-Residence Program at LEAP
  2. Global Teachers Institute Aspiring Teachers Summit
  3. EdTech Summit South Africa
  4. South Africa-USA Educator Exchange Program
Global Teachers Institute Philosophy -- Click to read more
We believe that education, when used as an intervention, is the most effective vehicle to achieve educational, communal and social systemic change within South Africa.

The goal of the Teachers Institute is to serve as the conduit in cultivating our young teachers to empower themselves and others. The achievement of this aim will be guided by an active approach to developing a higher degree of personal consciousness through formalized training of which open, honest and real engagement shall serve as the foundation.

The Teachers Institute will provide the necessary training, tools, and resources needed to shift education provision in South Africa so that it is more holistic, student-centered, and developmentally and contextually relevant. We will accomplish this by placing a much stronger focus on project-based learning as it consciously engages the head, heart, and hands. It is this move away from traditional learning methods towards a more holistically engaging approach to education that defines the transformative nature of the LEAP Teacher Institute.

While our approach is transformative, we will also build on existing educational structures, as well as developing partnerships with existing organizations to achieve our goals.

In addition to actively facilitating the development of teachers’ instructional practice, the Teachers Institute also aims to develop teachers into more self-reflective, well-rounded, structured, insightful, motivated professionals. Our approach to teacher development is experiential and engaging. We believe that the 21st-century effective teacher needs to be innovative and creative so that all student needs are addressed through differentiated instruction. We envision a South Africa in which the most vulnerable of its society is awarded what is rightfully theirs; access to good quality education that will sustainably grow and develop youth, academically and beyond.