Leap Schools US tour


Dear American Friends

We are in the final stages of packing and preparation for our exciting ambassadorial visit to the United States of America on behalf of the children and families of the LEAP Science and Maths Schools.

This has been a very exciting and challenging phase in the history of our schools and we come to the United States with a strong sense of responsibility and a great joy and excitement to renew contact with so many people whom we regard as our friends.

Our intention is to get connected to a cell phone while in the United States of America but we will only be able to do this once we are in the USA and, as soon as we have a telephone number, we will notify everybody so that we can be contacted should there be any need for clarity or information flow.

Thank you to all of you for the huge effort that you have made to make this trip possible.

Please find attached to this mail an overview of our Itinerary so that you can track our movements and we look forward to meeting each one of you as we move through the next two and a half weeks. Be aware that we are prepared and ready to do short presentations about ourselves to celebrate with some music and dance or to give you a historical presentation of about 20 minutes long and also a Power Point presentation relating to the challenges facing Africa. We are quite happy to fit these presentations into any time or space that you think may be appropriate but we are determined to come to share and to give as much as we are able. We are not a trained and professional drama outfit but, certainly, we have some good ideas and we will share them as simply as we are able to.

Thank you, again, for all that you have done to make this trip possible and we look forward to direct contact soon.

Stay well

*John and Tuksie and the LEAP Ambassadors*

View the students’ itinerary.

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