I'm Zintle, a student from LEAP


I’m Zintle, a student from LEAP. I just finished grade 12 this year. I was given a task on your website, the website is effective in a way that it shows people like me who want to do teaching a clear view of what needs to be done. I like the way you combined the two flags. I think Teach with Africa will bring a huge change to the world.

My aim to become a teacher is to share the knowledge I have with other children from different commuties and by doing so, I will be sharing with the world. I like the fact that I will be doing it in my own school. I never thought of becoming a teacher but when I heard that there’s a great need of good teachers in S.A. I thought I should consider doing it. Some of my teachers were a great motivation in my decision making. Making this decision took quite a while. The other thing that I want to do is share the ideas I have on finding new ways of teaching and making teaching a more interesting and succesful career.

Hope we stay in contact.

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