My name is Asanda


Hi, my name is Asanda Sigigaba. I was doing grade 12 at LEAP this year and I want to become a teacher. My personal journey experiences has led me to this career so that is why I feel its worth to be shared with other young people. The reason why I want to be a teacher is because I want to work with young people simply because I enjoy working with them and I know I have a lot to give and learn from them. I would also like to share my personal experiences as a young girl growing up in rural areas and township.  I think becoming a teacher will help me to learn more about myself and other people and I believe that’s how one personally grows. My aim as a teacher is to teach students more about life than just academics because I really believe that it’s important to know it not saying academics are less important or anything. I honestly think that this country needs more young people like me to become teachers who can try to understand students, help and really care for them.

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