Position: Educator Exchange Coordinator
Time Commitment: Part-Time
Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Who we are

Teach With Africa is a non-profit organization empowering students and teachers in a reciprocal exchange of teaching and learning in Africa and the United States. Teach With Africa seeks to reduce the embedded inequities in our societies by working to provide access to quality education in order to transform children’s lives, schools, and communities. Teach With Africa provides high-quality professional development for teachers and teachers-in-training, focusing on instructional programs and educational leadership initiatives through programs in South Africa and the U.S. Since 2008, we have engaged more than 4,000 teachers and served more than 150,000 children, increasing our scope of service year after year.

Educator Exchange Program

We believe providing educators with opportunities to share, learn and teach together across contexts and continents is the bedrock for seeding teaching excellence. Since 2007, Teach With Africa (TWA) has been exchanging educators between South Africa and the U.S. South African educators through the Aspiring Teachers program with the Global Teachers Institute (GTI).

Aspiring Teachers spend one month in the U.S., observing teaching practice in the classroom, leading lessons, completing an inquiry-based project on teaching instruction, and sharing their knowledge and perspectives on South Africa. American teachers have the opportunity to spend up to 6 weeks in South Africa as Faculty-in-Residence, engaging with and mentoring teachers in the classroom as well as offering workshops and training on cutting-edge teaching methodologies.

Job Description

The Educator Exchange Coordinator (EEC) is an important part of the two-to-three person team that leads and runs the South Africa to U.S. arm of the Educator Exchange program described above. This person works on a school-year schedule (August through June).

Primary responsibilities for this person include consistent communication and relationship building with team partners at GTI in South Africa, as well as the hosting schools in the U.S. Bay Area. This person will work to recruit Bay Area schools to participate as host schools for visiting Aspiring Teachers. This may include visiting schools and meeting with school administration and teachers to prepare them for their participation in the program, as well as guide and support returning schools through the process of their financial commitment.

Throughout August -February, this person will work closely with their counterpart at GTI, in creating orientation programming, and exchange programming that will support the goals of the exchange. This may include partnering with local organizations for one-day programming (such as Cal-Berkeley, Bay Area public school districts, Chabot Science & Space Center, etc.). During the month of March,
this person will assist in the travel and transportation of the group, the orientation of the Aspiring Teacher group, and will remain on-call throughout the length of the program to support the teachers in any issues that may arise with host families or host schools. During these program days, this person will also support the Aspiring Teachers with encouragement to dive deep into the curriculum, into their independent research project topic, as well as culturally into what the U.S./Bay Area has to offer. Follow-up and debrief will be required between GTI, the Aspiring Teacher team, and the EEC, and a final report will be written and presented to the Board of Trustees in June.

Roles and Responsibilities

* Communication with various private and public schools to gauge interest in participating in the exchange program.
* Communication with Global Teachers Institute (GTI) staff in Cape Town, South Africa.
* Relationship building with team members of TWA and GTI, as well as host school teachers and administration.
* Bi-weekly calls with exchange staff members.
* Marketing and promotion of educator exchange and fellowship to non-participant schools, organizations.
* Logistics coordination of travel and medical insurance, flights, lodging, host school, and host family screenings.
* Daily communication during the exchange between program coordinators.
* Arranging and hosting an orientation for host schools and host families.
* Maintaining a budget with TWA and GTI.
* On-call services during Exchange throughout the program dates in the month of March. Includes travel and emergency situations.
* Weekly check-in with GTI staff and bi-weekly check-in with all participants and GTI staff.
* Board report before and after the exchange – communication with the board regarding progress.

Please download the Educator Exchange Coordinator description for a timeline of activities.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume and attached the application form to: No phone calls please!