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South Africa-USA Educator Exchange Program

As part of its Global Teachers Institute in South Africa, Teach With Africa connects U.S. middle schools and high schools in a collaboration and exchange in March each year with student teachers and qualified young in-service teachers from partner schools in South Africa. American host schools commit to sponsoring an educator from South Africa to participate in an education exchange in their school for 3.5 weeks in March.

Why: Through an exchange of teaching and learning, American and South African peers can share best teaching practices, form and/or continue mentoring relationships, celebrate their values and connect culturally, and collaborate on strategies to bring about equality in education in both countries.

Who: 10-16 student teachers and qualified teachers from LEAP Schools and South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition, along with 5-8 Bay Area middle or high schools who are committed to equality in education, mutual learning, and sharing of effective pedagogical practices.

Schools that have participated in our program include: The Branson School, Burke’s, Children’s Day School, Drew School, Frick Middle School, The Hamlin School, Kehillah Jewish High School, KIPP SF Bay Academy, Lick-Wilmerding High School, Town School for Boys; High Tech High International (San Diego) and Howard Charter Middle School for Math & Science (Washington, D.C.).

Program Components Residency/ Classroom Observation & Collaboration: For three and a half weeks in March, South African educators join mentor teachers in a US school to build relationships, learn from one another, and share pedagogical philosophies and practices.

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