Student Device Drive


Teach with Africa’s
Student Device Drive

Schools all around the world are having to adjust to a very new reality in the time of the COVID-19 virus: to continue to teach and keep classes going, albeit remotely away from the classrooms and schools that students have been coming to.   This is challenging for teachers and students alike in the best of times, but when the schools and students don’t have the right equipment to make this happen, it makes it almost an impossibility.

As the students who we support in South Africa come from very difficult and poor backgrounds, they do not have the access to computers, iPads, or smartphones that are so much more prevalent in the Western world.

Please support our Student Device Drive. All funds will go directly to funding the much-needed technology for students forced to stay home during the pandemic.

We thank you all again for all your generosity and help.  The Teach with Africa community is truly amazing and we cannot be more appreciative!