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Executive director update – team meetings

Every morning a team meeting was held to discuss any logistical issues and go over the schedule for the day, as well as begin with any thoughts about what we expected we might encounter that day. At the end of each day, we had group reflection time to talk about our observations, feelings and responses […]


Executive director update – documentation

One of the critical outcomes of this pilot project that CAN be prescribed is the need to document the project and its processes and systems that develop over the next two months. Each team member will be reporting back to his or her faculty sponsor, which will be shared with TWA. Additionally, each week Jim […]


Executive director update – support structure

TWA and the LEAP School are seriously committed to supporting our fellows while they are in-country and afterward, and we have a multi-tiered framework in place to give them as much support as possible. Amy Schoew, TWA Executive Director, was on-site for the launch of the program (for 3 days prior to the program start […]


Executive director update – setting expectations

At the end of every day at camp next week, John, Bonisile and Fozia Safodien, the Director of Life Orientation at LEAP, will have a group session with TWA fellows to reflect and process with the team as part of their orientation into the LEAP School program. They will be learning about the LEAP School […]