To all of our Teach With Africa supporters,

Wow, we are truly back! After those painful years of COVID-enforced travel restrictions, Teach With Africa was able to resume our joint teacher exchange programs between the US and Africa. In March, we welcomed inspiring education leaders from South Africa into our Bay Area schools, homes, and communities (with great success!), and created a new exchange project with the Maryland/DC School District.

Teach With Africa understands the enormous impact of early childhood intervention, so we have committed to funding an extraordinary team of ECD specialists to mentor rural and township teachers this summer in both South Africa and Zambia, with additional countries in view for 2024.

Teach With Africa has continued to support our outstanding partners, the LEAP SCHOOLS OF SCIENCE AND MATHS and the GLOBAL TEACHERS INSTITUTE, whose students have achieved against all odds. Their progress in 2023 has been nothing short of amazing, with learners at all six (next year, eight!) LEAP Schools achieving final national exam scores between 97% and 100%. Under the leadership of the Global Teachers Institute, LEAP-trained teachers are now mentoring at public schools in EVERY region across South Africa. This is getting close to the dream of true educational transformation.

We celebrate you, our donors, who have sustained our vision, which was only a dream fragment in 2007.