John Gilmoure Greets Teach with Africa Fellows


Teach With Africa Fellows of 2009,

I am privileged to be able to congratulate you on your first steps of a long journey with Teach With Africa and LEAP. This will be a journey of: hope and despair; pain and joy; clarity and confusion; intimacy and isolation. The crises of our unjust world may well take you from the relatively safe realm of external knowledge realities to the high risk of internalised and painful personal experience. Thank you for being so willing to risk in order to be a part of sharing. We ask that you abandon your expert knowledge and stay open to your vulnerable incompleteness as you make this journey.

We have many challenges and needs; we have much strength and real humanity. The success of our journey together will be measured more by the warmth and honesty of our conscious engagement, one on one, rather than by project growth and development.

In her book, “Laying the Ghosts to Rest”, Dr Mamphela Ramphele asks the question: *Do we become prisoners of our history or agents of its making?*

We have committed to becoming agents of South Africa’s making. We are excited that you too are committed to this ideal.

Dr Ramphele says: We cannot become “whole” as a nation without restoring our ability to love ourselves as individuals, to love our families, our communities and our entire society with the passion that grounds our patriotism. These are our real objectives at LEAP.

We look forward to meeting soon. Thank you again for taking a personal LEAP with us.

John G

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