A Note from LEAP School Johannesburg



This first week in Jo’burg has been quite an amazing experience. From my first days in front of a classroom, to the development of our roles within the community, I feel that TwA has been able to expose a large number of people to new experiences. Our first days here were a bit of a whirlwind of getting settled in, getting socialized, and celebrating Mandela Day by speaking to caregivers in a Hospice that has not been funded in many months. There seems to be quite an excitement for the Teacher Workshops, on the part of the LEAP3 staff, as they have requested 3 separate workshops, plus repeats for schools in the township. I am as excited to give these workshops as I am to receive them. We may not be able to offer the breadth of topics that will be available in CT, but I still feel that we are offering something just as valuable.

As I have mentioned at numerous occasions, assisting (or even outright teaching) in the classrooms has been both draining and fulfilling. I got to see students process information on their own, and ask questions that required them to understand not only the material they had just learned, but understand information from previous lessons as well.

I’m sad and afraid that our time is so limited here, and I find myself understanding now that we are not here to make a difference, we are here to help people to make a difference for themselves, and I am afraid that this short amount of time will not let me get to know the students and staff as much as I would like. This is tempered by my excitement for the projects that we have going with REALISTIC, so I am a bit conflicted about how i want to spend what little time remains.

Anyway, sorry if this email has been a bit rambling, I just woke up from a nap to Karly and Sara giggling hysterically in the kitchen. Life here is so fun that i almost feel guilty, aside from the knowledge that i have to wake up at half past 6 on a saturday morning to shower.


[Mike Rossmassler]

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