2011 Fellows Return from South Africa


TWA just wrapped up our summer Teaching Fellowship Program in South Africa. This marks our fourth consecutive year operating the fellowship program since our founding in 2008. We were thrilled with our team of 20 outstanding and passionate educators from all over the United States and one from the United Kingdom, many who were traveling to South Africa for the first time.  TWA reached new heights this year by expanding to six different fellowship placement sites with our partner schools: LEAP 1 & LEAP 2 (Cape Town), LEAP 3 (Johannesburg/ Alexandra), LEAP 4 (Johannesburg/ Diepsloot), SIngita Sabi Sand Community Preschools (Mpumalanga), and Fort Brown Primary School (Eastern Cape).  The fellowship program ran from June 18 to August 10, which means that our dedicated fellows volunteered their entire summer to offer enrichment experiences for students and collaborate with local teachers to share best practices and curriculum development.

Here are some program highlights:

  1. One house built by TWA, LEAP, and Habitat for Humanity
  2. Two weeks of enrichment workshops taught by TWA Fellows to 300+ students during school holidays
  3. Three preschool teacher trainers conducting workshops in Sabi Sand community preschools
  4. Four LEAP Schools sites with the addition of the Diepsloot campus
  5. Five returning educators from previous TWA Fellowships who participated in our 2011 program
  6. Six days a week LEAP students attend school (Monday through Saturday) with our Fellows supporting their Saturday School tutoring
  7. Seven days for our Johannesburg Fellows team from High Tech High to master driving on the “other side” of the road without turning on windshield wipers instead of blinkers
  8. Eight weeks in South Africa for learning, sharing, exploring, teaching, and discovering in our summer Fellowship Program with more than 600 students and faculty
  9. Nine elephant sightings on the way to our new rural fellowship placement at Fort Brown Primary School in Eastern Cape
  10. Ten robots donated by TWA for LEAP’s computer programming class

We’re still collecting stories, photos, and videos of the many excellent experiences from this summer. Look out for more of these features in future editions of our e-newsletter! It’s not too late to support our 2011 Fellows Team. Many of our educators are still working to meet their individual fundraising goal to offset the costs of the fellowship travel and program expenses.


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