We are thrilled to welcome this year’s wonderful South African Educators to the Bay Area!


Because of your support, we are thrilled to welcome this year’s wonderful South African Educators to the Bay Area! 
The 12 teachers arrived on Monday for the Educator Exchange and are excited to meet their host families and schools, as part of the Global Teachers Institute‘s Future Leaders Program. Your support of Teach With Africa is improving the quality of education in South Africa and the San Francisco Bay Area with the Educator’s Exchange.
For the month of March, these 12 teachers from South Africa will work with ten host public and private schools in Oakland and San Francisco.  During their time in the host schools, each educator will be collecting information towards their individual research project.
This project will include classroom management techniques, pedagogical practices, experiential learning, as well as content creation. With the support of their mentor teachers in the host schools, they will begin to build professional relationships and share pedagogical and practices. These relationships begin a long-term commitment between these Future Leader teachers and their partners in the Bay Area for growth in one anothers’ careers.
As this is the first portion of our exchange, teachers are able to welcome participating US teachers into their schools in South Africa for a reciprocal exchange. Teachers traveling to South Africa this summer will participate in the Global Teachers Institute Axis Summit in July and will be placed in schools around the country through the month of July.
Join us on March 28th for our 12th Annual Gala, Expanding our Horizons to meet these young inspiring educators changing the world one classroom at a time.

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