Executive director update – support structure


TWA and the LEAP School are seriously committed to supporting our fellows while they are in-country and afterward, and we have a multi-tiered framework in place to give them as much support as possible. Amy Schoew, TWA Executive Director, was on-site for the launch of the program (for 3 days prior to the program start through the end of the first week). Darcy Campbell, a professor of education at SFSU and a teacher trainer and mentor, accompanied Amy and was instrumental in assisting with the facilitation of group reflection and discussion.

Jim Smith is the team coordinator for July, with Jack O’Neill arriving (and overlapping with Jim for a few days) at the end of July through the end of August. Laura Putnam, an experienced teacher trainer, also will be on-site for the first two weeks of August.
Zainab Barday, a local clinical psychologist with 30 years of experience and a former colleague of Fozia’s, is partnering with TWA and LEAP for the next two months to serve in a supervisory capacity for the three psych students and also participate in regular team group meetings as well as any individual support that might be needed for any of the fellows if they desire at any time. John, Bonisile and Fozia are also available at any time to any of the fellows.
Four local contacts have connected already with the team and provided local contact information if anything is needed. Emergency medical (including dentist) contact information has been provided to every team member.

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