Executive director update – logistics


Accommodations at Howard’s End Manor are working well so far, although the food budget will need to be adjusted (increased) and we are working on projecting realistic food costs. Also, SIM cards from the mobile stores in South Africa do not work in most (nearly all) US cellular phone models, and since we required that the team members have cellular phone for safety reasons, the team members had to purchase cell phones for their two-month stay.

One issue to explore is whether these phones can be used by future Teach with Africa fellows, and TWA could reimburse the fellows for their expense if and when they return the phones to TWA upon their return (they are paying for their own minutes usage). The phones cost between R280-500 (approx. US $40-70 each).

In preparation for the camping trip next week (Monday through Friday, it is expected to rain and night temperatures will be in the high 30s or 40s. The students will be in cinderblock dormitories, and it was clear upon arrival that sleeping bags were needed (B&B bedding was inappropriate to take to the camp). We sourced the cheapest sleeping bags that we could find and were able to procure enough for the entire team, and free storage was also procured until next July/August so that the bags could stay in-country for future TWA fellows.

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