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All of the fellows from our education partners (Dominican University of CA and the Wright Institute) and Jim Smith, the July coordinator, were in-country by July 2. Due to significant research and academic obligations with his doctoral program, Ben Ogden is participating in a peripheral role for this project and we are delighted that he has been able to connect with the LEAP School and will be able to participate as a fellow in a future program. Molly Malone was unable to make the logistics for this year’s program work and hopes to participate in the future as well. Mike Rettburg is expected to arrive July 9 or 10. 

Fellows on-site: Alison Waters, Crissy Dyke, Emily Courtney, John Kennedy, Susie Heller, Elizabeth Schoettle, Brian Sedgeley, and Lindsay Logan. Adjunct: Ben Ogden

TWA Coordinator/July: Jim Smith

TWA staff during Week One: Amy Schoew, Executive Director

Additional team support during Week One: Darcy Campbell, early childhood education liaison and teacher trainer

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