Fellows and LEAP students Visit Lion's Head, Robben Island


Today was fabulous with 120 LEAP 1-2-3 students, teachers and TWA fellows all going on the ferry to Robben Island and taking the tour with the former political prisoners who are the tour guides. It was truly amazing and the kids were wonderful….then immediately back to the waterfront for packed lunches and up on the buses to Lion’s Head for a hike to the very top (all 120 of us!) for an impromptu and impassioned history lesson from John and “reclaiming” the space through song. It was powerful and moving and one of the most incredible days of my life. Echoed by other fellows as well. Jamiel is running this 3-day program and is doing an awesome job.

The weather continues to be spectacular – just stunning!

Tomorrow is workshop preparation day and the ending celebration for the 3-day LEAP School program with all 3 schools. Karen arrived yesterday and has already con tributed tremendously to documentation, technology integration (she set 4 LEAP students up with cameras and video cameras and had them journalistically document our outing today, and next week she and Eugene are going to help the students edit it! Phenomenal).

We got some good video footage today on various cameras. Bandwidth is horrific so don’t know when we’ll get them posted anywhere, but we’ve got them for future. Eugene deserves huge kudos for helping us get onto the internet at LEAP and has worked closely with Beulah’s IT guy to help us there too.

John’s family (wife Pam and daughters Kelly and Jenna) were on the hike up Lion’s Head with us – they are LOVELY and it was terrific to meet them. Pam is incredibly warm and the girls are darling. It was terrific.

Will continue to keep you posted – Wed is workshop prep day and Thursday is LEAP Student Association (Leap’s alumni/past student group) workshops, Fri and Sat are LEAPSA workshops also…

A few bumps but this is a great group – we are very blessed.



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