I found myself trying to hold back…I was in other Teachers' classrooms.


Mona Fell, a Teach with Africa Fellow, spent the summer teaching at the LEAP School in Capetown, South Africa. This is her journal entry from week 4.

Some of Mona's beautiful students in Cape Town

Some of Mona's beautiful students in Cape Town

I was teaching remedial 10th grade math and helping the 9th grade math teachers plan engaging lessons. Mike, the KIPP guy who told me about Teach with Africa, was exactly right. Amazing school, amazing kids, but a great need for more high quality instruction.

I found myself trying to hold back from jumping up and singing a song or suggesting a game when I was in other teachers’ classrooms. When I did have the opportunity to do something in the typical crazy Mrs. Fell style, they just LOVED it! One day I did a 3-hour long Saturday school tutoring session, and there were kids that didn’t want to leave. We were singing a song about horizontal and vertical axis and they were all dancing. It was hilarious! They were running to avoid missing their bus at the end of the day. For the most part, they were so appreciative of the time that we put in — they were constantly singing songs for me in Xhosa, which is so beautiful, that tears filled my eyes almost every time. Then they laughed at me as typical high-schoolers would.

Note:  KIPP Schools are a network of 82 U.S. college prep high schools devoted to students in under-served communities.

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