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Some supporters of Teach with Africa are already involved in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Are you in the thick of this, or are you wondering what they’re all about?

I have been, also, (wondering, that is) so I browsed Facebook, signed iup for my own page, and created a Twitter account (David_Bach). I see a lot of things on both that, to say it politely, I’d be quite OK never having seen at all. But I do see lots of interesting and worthwhile ways to connect with friends and to share my interests, such as Teach with Africa.

When you browse the Teach with Africa website, you may notice a page with the a combination of the Teach with Africa hand and the Facebook logo, which stands for Teach with Africa on Facebook. Clicking this link takes you to the Teach with Africa cause page on Facebook, where you can link up with other Facebook friends, see who’s joined the cause or donated recently, or make a donation of your own right there. Teach with Africa is a registered Facebook cause.

Some pages on the Teach with Africa website sport a link that says “Share” and the Facebook “F” letter logo. This link brings up a window that allows you to send a message to someone along with a link to that page. Or, if you have a Facebook page of your own, you can post a link to that page in your Facebook profile.

So what can you do about this new social networking Web? Here are some ideas:

If you have a Facebook page, tell your friends about Teach with Africa and choose Teach with Africa as one of your own causes. Invite friends who aren’t on Facebook to get a page.

If you’re on Twitter, “tweet” about your part in Teach with Africa. Share the news of the upcoming Teach with Africa Gala Fundraising Event with your followers.

These actions can spread the word about Teach with Africa and increase the impact of our efforts to empower students in South Africa through effective education. 

Please share in this blog the ways you find to support the goals of Teach with Africa with your social network.

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