Your Promise, Their Success


We’re launching our first-ever, Facebook campaign.

It’s called “I Promise, South Africa.

We’re asking you and our thousands of other supporters around the world to make a small, meaningful promise both to our students and Teach with Africa’s mission of improving access to quality education for all.

The promise can be anything meaningful to you: to help tutor a student at local school, to learn more about South African education, to thank a teacher who impacted you, or to simply spend more time with your own children on schoolwork.

We ask this in order to connect you in a human way with the beautiful, hardworking young people we are striving to empower in South Africa and the United States. So many schools are failing our children. But there is a path to success. Our students are on it!

We also ask you to consider making a small financial promise—all donations to Teach with Africa work to make a real difference in a child’s success!

Empower students in South Africa by helping Teach with Africa

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