Notes from the Field: A LEAP Forward


Mona Ewees, former Teach with Africa fellow and teacher at KIPP Chicago, now works full-time at the LEAP School in Cape Town, South Africa.

Someone asked me yesterday how Teach with Africa and the LEAP School have changed my life.

My response was, “Uhhh…”

It is so hard to describe the transformative journey I have been on since Teach with Africa has come in to my life. I woke up at 4am today still thinking about this question, feeling inspired by what I get to do here every day.

I get to teach beautiful, amazing, intelligent, resourceful, empowered, gentle, dedicated high school learners.

I get to show them who I am and I get to discover who they are.

I get to be a part of something bigger that is happening in this country post-apartheid.

I get to walk with them in their journey towards higher education.

I get to have them walk with me on my journey towards bettering myself as a person and as a professional.

Teach with Africa has offered me unbelievable support. They have allowed me the opportunity to stand on my own two feet. They have offered me a comfort of knowing I am going to be taken care of.

Feeling like I have an entire organization backing me in my decision to move my life here in three suitcases has been priceless.

Help us break down barriers by funding education initiatives in South Africa.

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