Notes from the Field: Meet the Caregivers


Deb Snyder, 2010 Teach with Africa fellow, has a BS in Global Strategic Management and an MBA from Dominican University of California.

I am in South Africa to offer my skills as a Non-Profit CFO/Controller and grantwriter.  I am working on grants, both researching possibilities and writing.

Yesterday was my first grant submission.

Last week, [we] discovered a funding source that would work for the tiny little Iso’Lezwe Medical Clinic.  This clinic used to be located in Kalkfontein in a donated building.  Since last year, the building was lost and there is now no medical facility or services of any kind in the community.  Keep in mind the high rate of HIV/AIDS patients, along with an increasing number of cancer victims and small children, with no medical clinic, no doctor, nothing.

What the community does have, though, are a few Caregivers.

It was this group of young women that I was writing the grant for. In the meantime, these Caregivers will continue to work with no supplies and host the HIV/AIDS support group meetings.

The Caregivers provide in-home care services to five HIV/AIDS patients. They do this with no supplies at all.  No thermometer.  No BP kit.  No latex gloves, no tongue depressors, nothing.

These are the three Caregivers who work here. This is who I wrote the grant for.

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