Notes from the Field: Science Brought to Life


Deb Snyder, 2010 Teach with Africa fellow, has a BS in Global Strategic Management and an MBA from Dominican University of California.

After so many days of clear weather, Wednesday dawned gray and foggy. This wasn’t a deterrent to Josh’s science class, though. [Josh Elder, 2010 Teach with Africa fellow, is a teacher at KIPP Philadelphia Charter School when not in South Africa].

I found Josh and his class out in the side yard of the LEAP School, getting some real life lessons in measuring distance over time.

As Josh later explained to me, the five groups needed to time themselves hopping for five meters, then running, then skipping.

The idea is to visually learn how to calculate distance over time.

When I asked him about the exercise later, Josh said he was tired of teaching in the classroom and wanted to get the kids up and moving.

Looks like this was just the ticket.

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