Notes from the Field: The New Voices of Africa


Katie Burke, 2010 Teach with Africa fellow, facilitates writing workshops at City College of San Francisco when she’s not teaching in South Africa.

I have formed and facilitated a writers society at LEAP.

My students’ words can be emotionally hard-hitting and painful to read; these young ones inspire me every day with their relentless truth telling. They are remarkable people, and I am blessed to know them.

This is a dispatch from the computer labs, where the LEAP Writers Society is typing away. Everyone is on a different computer, publishing their respective essays, stories, and poems.

In their words:

“We have launched this blog to share our creative writing with the world. We invite you to read our personal essays and poetry, and we look forward to receiving your comments. We hope you enjoy reading our words.”

Here’s a poem, Emotions, by Asanda Mini.


As pink as roses
It happens when
I hear good news
or fall in love

Sounds like a nation


-Asanda Mini

Change the world, fund a teacher.

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