Our Visit to the LEAP School


Dear Teach with Africa – We’ve just gotten back from our trip to Southern Africa, and we enjoyed very much the visit to LEAP 3 in Jo’Burg, South Africa. We were quite impressed by the facility and the general atmosphere of the school. Small classes with engaged students and committed teachers drew a stark contrast with all the other schools we had previously visited in Mozambique and Tanzania. We were able to talk about the school program with some of the students and one of the most touching and revealing statement we heard was from a soon to graduate student who said that she just wished “it would not end” and that she would not have to move on from that environment. She had felt nurtured and valued in a way that gave her both self assurance and strength to face the many hardships that she faced every day outside the school.

Bass with LEAP students

The kids we spoke to also felt very strongly about the sense of guidance they received there through daily meetings where they got to exchange ideas and personal challenges in an open and receptive environment. As a teacher, Louise just loved it all and wished she was closer to participate and contribute to this most wonderful and useful experiment for the long term achievement of the students and their impact in the South African society.

Let me know how we can be of assistance to Teach with Africa,


Bass and Louise

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