Poems from LEAP


“Questions” and “I am the Disease” are two poems written by Mbikazi Godlo, a ninth-grade student in TWA Faculty-in-Residence Gene Alexander’s writing class this past August at the LEAP School in Cape Town, South Africa.


I sit alone in the
Darkness trying to
Figure out, who am i?
What brought me here?

Sometimes I walk
Alone asking myself
Some questions
What am I?
Am I a person or a thing?

I see people in different
I see black, white, coloured and African Americans.
But still I ask myself
Some questions
What color am I?
Do I have a colour?
Or maybe I have all those colours.

Sometimes I see many
Different religions
And then say to myself:
These are all my
But I don’t know which is the
One that I love the most.

I keep on asking and
Saying all these questions to my self
But I don’t know how to
Answer any of them.

I Am The Disease

I am known as HIV and
I have a sibling called
AIDS. We both love
Taking people’s lives away.

No one can stop us
And there is nothing they can

We have taken many lives
Away from their loved ones
Like mothers, sisters, brothers,
Fathers, uncles, and aunts.

We love it and we loved it
Since we were young.
We inherited this from
Our mother.

Finding a cure for us would
Be a bad idea because
Once we find out that someone
is looking for a cure, we will come
To them and take their soul away.

–Mbikazi Godlo

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