Ayoba and Making the LEAP!


By Kristen Goggin – Town School for Boys – edTech Summit Team
Original Post on August 17, 2013

While this is certainly not my last blog entry about my experience here in South Africa, I write this entry with a heavy heart as my time here is coming to an end and many “see you laters” have already been exchanged.

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My friend Luntu described his feeling about the Ed Tech Summit as “Ayoba”.  “Ayoba is a slang term used by South Africans to express amazement. It is derived from other slang terms, like “Ayeye” or “Ayoyoyo.” It was originally meant as an approval/appreciation of good dancing, although the exact origins of the phrase are unknown. It is thought to have roots in Johannesburg township culture. It is however, uniquely South African and expresses delight, excitement, agreement and approval. It is also used as a greeting.” -this is straight from the internet

“Ayoba” is certainly the way I feel today.  Luntu hit the nail on the head.

Ed Tech Summit South Africa has been exactly that for me.  My 3 days with the Northern South Africa Leap School teachers have been filled with delight, excitement, agreement and approval. And while I won’t get into the exacts of my conferences and conversations today, I am feeling very grateful.  Grateful for being here, grateful for the opportunity.  Grateful for having the opportunity to share and grateful for the opportunity to learn.  Leap Teachers and collaborators, you have certainly given me much more than I could have possibly given you.  I hope we can work together in the days, weeks, months and years to come.  #technologywillkeepustogether

While thinking about this post, I began reflecting on the LEAP metaphor that was introduced to me in Cape Town.  I am sure this metaphor was created for the students of LEAP School, but I challenge all of my new friends here in South Africa, all of the educators involved with Leap School, to remember that we are all students learning to keep up with the changing technology in this world.

This metaphor certainly describes the experiences you will have as you embrace technology in education.  It certainly captures my own experiences with educational technology, project based learning and global education initiatives. The first steps have been taken, training has begun… no matter where you personally fall on this metaphor today, know that I have your back when you stumble, and I ask that you have mine.  Run, stumble, LEAP, land and do it all again… this is what being a connected educator requires.  Thank You Leap.  This is not goodbye but rather SEE YOU LATER!  I can’t wait.  The journey has only just begun.



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