The honor of serving


I want to take the opportunity to express my thanks for being included in this “quest.” Rarely has a group of extremely talented young people like this been gathered in one place and given almost carte blanche to do important humanitarian work in an area where the needs are so great. For me to be part of this at this time in my life was a great honor.

TWA now has a body of work that will guide it as it morphs and grows. Your meetings now and in the future will help determine the direction which TWA-LEAP takes. I expect that LEAP-TWA will experience tremendous growth over the next few years, perhaps as a “third tier” of schools in Africa, similar to the charter schools in America.

As always, I am available to you to consult on any issue and would be honored to continue to be included in your discussions. I think we learned a lot this year and I would like to continue to emphasize the need for regular team meetings (in country) and debriefing sessions at the end of each tour in S.A. TWA is an amazing organization and your guidance and vision have been central to its success. Once again, thank you for this opportunity. I am sure that I speak for the whole team in expressing this gratitude.

Jack O’Neill

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