Why South Africa?


Without intervention, more than 75% of children in South Africa are destined for a lifetime of poverty. Teach With Africa is working to change that by helping children overcome the socioeconomic barriers to a quality education so they can transform their lives, their communities and their future.

Over 50% of South African high school students drop out before graduation. South Africa needs 25,000 new teachers every year – but only 6,000 teachers are trained annually. Less than 25% of mathematics teachers in South Africa are competent at the level they teach.

Only 28% of black South African students pass the national high school exit exam, and only 5% qualify for university application. Studies show that there is a strong correlation between teacher quality and student achievement.

Teach With Africa’s goal is to increase local capacity by sending educators to both teach and learn. Teach With Africa supports academic programs and sustainability efforts by placing highly qualified educators as mentors for professional development training in underserved schools in South Africa.