TWA’s 16th Annual Celebration

Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 || 5:30 pm
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“Transformation through education”

South Africa’s Education Gap

South Africa’s education system is broken.  At the end of 4th Grade, one third of black students are still illiterate. 9th Grade black students are achieving 5th Grade math skills. 

Teach With Africa partners with the LEAP Science and Maths Schools.  Located in South African townships, the schools serve black students in the lowest economic strata.  LEAP has a proven track record of success, with 2,200 graduates and 1,500 current students enrolled.

South Africa’s Teacher Gap

Teacher shortage is at the core of South Africa’s education crisis.  

While South Africa needs 25,000 new teachers each year, only 6,000 are trained annually.  Less than 25% of mathematics teachers are competent at the level they teach.

Teach With Africa and LEAP jointly established the Global Teachers Institute (GTI) to narrow the teacher shortage and enhance teacher development through its Future Leaders Program. Based on the learnings from the LEAP school model, GTI works to increase educator knowledge and focus on the impactful social-emotional aspect of teaching. 

GTI has established a program which currently trains new teachers in over 30 public schools in 5 provinces, and plans to scale its model to provide significant impact on South Africa’s public school system.

Partner Initiatives

Educator Exchange – Teach With Africa and Global Teachers Institute (GTI) facilitate fellowships for highly qualified South African and US educators to spend one month in the other’s local classroom, enabling teachers to learn from one another, improve instructional practices, and share knowledge with future students. Over 200 pre-service and in-service education exchanges have taken place to date.

Educator Summit – Through Teach with Africa’s support, GTI hosts an annual multi-day teacher Axis Summit.  Over 1,000 educators from Africa and the U.S. have attended the extremely popular summit focused on sharing educator best practices and collaboration.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela