Teach With Africa is working to help children overcome the socioeconomic barriers to a quality education so they can transform their lives, communities, and their futures. 

Given that there is a strong correlation between teacher quality and student achievement Teach With Africa is working to help address the lack of trained educators.  This is accomplished by focusing on providing high-quality professional development of teachers and teachers-in-training in underserved and poor communities.

By facilitating the exchange of South African and U.S educators with our partner schools — more than 200 since 2007 — Teach with Africa has had a profound effect by empowering students and teachers in reciprocal exchanges of teaching and learning in Africa and the U.S., helping to not only train the teachers with instructional programs and educational leadership initiatives but also to focus on the full social-emotional development of each educator.

Partnerships are a crucial part of Teach with Africa’s work.  We are committed to working with strong local partners to make a difference.  The LEAP Science & Maths Schools have a proven and successful record of impacting the education of black South Africans in townships.  LEAP and Teach with Africa jointly created the Global Teachers Institute (GTI) in South Africa, dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of teachers throughout the world by delivering teacher training and professional development programs.

Through this program, educators share best teaching practices, form mentoring relationships and collaborate on strategies to bring about equality in education and to become future leaders. The focus on educators enables our initiatives to have a compounding, lasting impact on the quality of the local education.

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