Supporting our partners through COVID19 lockdowns

(Diepsloot, Johannesburg, South Africa) LEAP 4 moved into its new building at the start of 2020. LEAP moved from a hall that they were sharing with a primary school, which with the noise was a constant distraction for the students and teachers of LEAP 4.

The school was incomplete at the end of 2019, but Mr. James Malope – the current school principal –  decided that they would move into the building regardless and use what was available. 

Mr. Malope and some school students worked on the school over the holidays during 2019, making sure there would be furniture, electricity, water, and whiteboards. They also fixed the floors, planted grass, and some trees.

Now it has been a year and 9 months since the school has been in that space and LEAP has made it into a beautiful space that the students and teachers love. They have a computer lab, library, Life Orientation room, students’ kitchen, staff room, and a school hall.

The students love the school and they have decided to take responsibility for the space. Some parents have also assisted in making sure that the school is safe. 

The partnership with Teach with Africa and team4tech has helped the school be able to support the students during the COVID-19 lockdown through the use of technology and online software.

Teachers managed to make sure that teaching would continue during the lockdown through some of the platforms that were introduced by the team4tech team, some of the platforms that were used are: google classroom, IXL, and moodle.

The school has continued to make use of these platforms post lockdown, and with the support of Amazon, the school has managed to set up a computer lab that can be used by the learners at any time. Partnership support has been key to the success of the school and LEAP.

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