GTI Fellows focuses on Social Responsibility Projects

Teach With Africa is proud to continue its long collaboration with its South African partners The Global Teacher’s Institute (GTI).  GTI is a teacher development network committed to nurturing high-quality teachers through international exchanges and collaborative platforms.  GTI’s Fellows are a cohort of South African teachers enrolled in the GTI program.

Global Teacher’s Institute continued to focus on Social Responsibility in 2021.  The Fellows remain engaged with their Social Responsibility Projects at various levels, though they have experienced challenges with the pandemic. As part of their learning journey, Fellows are now encouraged to conduct community questionnaires to best meet the needs of their community as they carry out their Social Responsibility projects and report their findings at the end of the school year.  Their findings will then help improve upon the work the Fellows are doing in their communities.

Most of the Fellows are focusing on establishing Reading Clubs to promote reading for early learners. 78% of the PRILS (Progress in International Literacy Study) results show that Grade 4 learners cannot read for understanding. Another cohort of Fellows is directing their energy to build Feeding Teams in Aftercare programs as a means of keeping young children off the streets in Alexandria in the Eastern Cape-South Africa’s poorest province. The Feeding Teams stay open until 5:00 p.m.  The Fellows continue to focus on the most impactful work in their communities.

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